painting / 2006

Inspired by the famous French comic book "Lieutenant Blueberry" by Jean Giraud, this painting is an extension of previous works such as the photo series Memory stills and the video installation I don't mind takin' a cab. Even if in the painting my face replaces Blueberry’s one, this aims to be more than just a self-portrait: it is a process that allows me to produce a visual form of my experience as a reader. I re-paint exactly, piece by piece, stroke after stroke, and on a larger scale, a familiar image from my childhood, and by doing so, I reenact, in an amplified way, the original author’s gestures and energy, as a sort of catharsis.

" In drawing, there are many ways to play: there’s the one that consists in getting in your own universe and the one that consists in going playing in others’ playground; by doing so, in a certain way, you experiment their way of thinking. (…) you make extraordinary discoveries because you find out that each style, each period allows to express a specific type of energy, a specific mentality. It’s a bit like being an actor."
Moebius (aka Jean Giraud) in Les Vacances du Major (Les Humanoïdes Associés - 1990)

Acrylic on canvas, 153 x 135cm

Private collection

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