it's a hell of a thing killing a man
video installation / 2008

The video is screened from inside a constructed canvas fitted up in the exhibition space, which is a private, intimate attic: a mansard roof, chandeliers, and an old wooden floor. The video makes use of a scene from Unforgiven, directed by Clint Eastwood. Yet, only the sound remains from the original movie, and I reenact both of the characters by imitating and repeating both parts. All the shots have been framed and edited according to the original film.
While the atmosphere of the original sound projects a wild, wide-open space, the pictures show a tranquil, white interior: the corner of an apartment.
The film gets lost, yet lives again in the meantime like a souvenir.

PAL, color, 4'18

Canevas, wood,
video-projector, sound system

Solo exhibition,
Creative space,
Prague, Czech Republic