hyperspace 1.0
playing with space
installation / 2008

with Anders Grønlien

On the glass facade of the exhibition space, an opaque paper stencil is mounted according to an abstract shape recalled from science-fiction cinema. A powerful light pierces through to illuminate and illustrate the journey of light speed through hyperspace. The shape sprawls out through the large theater screen surface.
The light rays piercing the stencil remind the audience of the speed of light meeting their eyes. In front of the drawing, and in the axis of its vanishing point, sloped steps drawing a ramp, provide access to a remote control to activate a smoke machine. The smoke machine allows the audience to view the materialized rays of light through the space. To the right of the window, a stenciled star-system of LED lights reveals itself as a floating curtain when a viewer walks around it. The ambient sound of a deep humming bass, like a hidden engine or thrusters, rumbles from behind the walls of the gallery’s storage space.
The exhibition space has been cut off from his direct surrounding, modeled like a material. The gallery becomes a vent, a module, a transit between fictional space and the outside.

Click here to see a video report about this exhibition made by Artycok TV.

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Opaque paper, smoke, lighting, wooden structure, sound

Academie of Fine Arts (AVU) Gallery,
Prague, Czech Republic