video installation / 2006

Night news of May 13, 2006, on TV5 Monde channel
Shot in the―now closed―historical
Cognacq-Jay Studios in Paris, France

The monitor is placed facing the wall in a way that requires the viewer to wedge himself between the wall and the screen in order to watch the video.
An experiment on representing over-represented content, the video shows a recording of the news through a different point of view than the usual TV camera representation. The process makes changes to:
- the camera angle (high)
- the depth of field (short)
- the exposure (contrasted)
- the editing (sequence-shot).
This process attempts to show the news in a more intimate way, somewhat closer to a cinematographic format. Physically placed behind the anchorwoman, the viewer shares her optical situation: her steady and controlled movement at the helm of this ultra-conventional format.

A one-minute excerpt has been selected.

PAL, color, 24'09

Monitor, headphones

Master's Degree Exhibition - 2006
ESBAMA, Montpellier, France

Solo Exhibition - 2007
Bořivojova 49, Prague, Czech Republic