warp exit 3.0
isolated steps
installation / 2009

with Anders Grønlien

The exhibition space is located in the entrance hall and the central corridor of a remodeled factory building completely opened in the middle in its whole height. The first room seems to have been revolved, as if the gravity has shifted. Furniture, lighting system and other objects used for the making of the exhibition have settled on one of the walls, appearing like narrative clues of the creation process. Leaning on this wall, as an echo of original architecture (footbridge, staircases, balcony), a staircase stretches into the open height of the building. Fluolights, original lighting of the location, hang from the opposite wall.
In the main corridor a wooden structure is covered with black opaque paper. The ceiling is pierced by a multitude of tiny holes and transforms the corridor into a dark vent dotted by a starry sky. By accustoming to darkness, the viewer can see the thin rays of light materialized by smoke and by moving through the corridor the stars sparkle due to the angle between the spectator, the holes and the lights beyond. At the end of the corridor, a photograph which is mounted showing the galerists posing as alien ambassadors seems to float in the dark.
From science-fiction and space studies representations, which are both fictive, the installation leans on the exhibition space and transforms it in the same time. The buildings configuration, gallery staff and spectators movement become the material of a whole, with other rules and landmarks.

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Smoke, lighting, wood, opaque paper, objects, mixed media, c-print

Entrance Gallery,
Prague, Czech Republic

Brehm´s life of animals, part II., volume II. Prague, 1930

Text selected and slightly adapted by Jiří Kovanda for warp exit 3.0 - isolated steps
February – March 2009

Well, also I lived for weeks and months in houses were they lingered and also I was, the moment I saw them, taken aback. During the day their moves are somehow gawkish, however, when it gets dark, every observer and scholar must be, if not captured, then at least interested. I was always glad when I heard at night in my house their first call and then I could furtively listen to their rather scary volatilization and watch them hunting with the upmost zeal as well as other of their actions at all.
Their moves are always inconstant but still unusually intense and they surprise with their dexterity. They snoozle their body low to the ground onto which they move, they occupy large area, when climbing up the wall, they stretch their legs and feet. When they keep still, they like sitting on the wall with their head down. With their tongue they can lick with their eyes no difficulty at all.
At night they are as restless, excitable and vivacious as other beings during the day. Their largest communities live most often in unrest and disorder, they chase and follow each other, start quarrelling and use their dentition with force and vehemence.
I have caught them innumerable times, held them in my hand and observed their laminated cushions, but I have never seen the slightest damage caused by touch since I could not feel anything since there is no such sticky humidity that had been thought to cause them adhere and to be venomous. On their feet they actually create vacuum thanks to which they leech and are attached to surface only as a consequence of airy pressure towards the object onto which they move and they can climb up on mirror surface, marble desks and the likes as well as they can run very briskly away from them as on the flat ground.