year future 2.0
the leap of faith
installation / 2008

with Anders Grønlien

The windows of the exhibition space have been covered with black opaque paper, immersing it in darkness. Integrated in the own structure of the building, a ramp gives access to a platform with walls and ceiling, opened by a window shape reminiscent of both building architecture elements and aesthetics recalled from science-fiction cinema. From a narrow slit cut out inside its frame, this gate produces a thin screen of light, turned into a semi-opaque surface by smoke.
The gate is a representation of a force field, a barrier keeping the atmosphere inside intact while at the same time allowing objects to freely pass through to the vacuum of space beyond. In this room the audience can also hear a sound-clip of vibrating electrical sounds layered to underline the effect of the forcefield device.
Inside this vent, through this frame, the viewer is on the border of a space which manipulates the perception of depth and height, where the only visible element is a backlighted picture, which appears as floating in the darkness beyond the forcefield. The installation is both composed by elements from contiguous architecture and fictional, cinematographic architecture.
This setting makes an atmosphere mixing intimacy and fantasy, where the only exhibited object is a photograph making use of the exhibition protagonists : artists, curators, gallery staff and employees, according to the marketing codes of movie posters.

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Smoke, lighting, wood, opaque paper, sound, c-print

Prague, Czech Republic

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