I don't mind takin' a cab
video installation / 2006

The installation begins with a few shots from Taxi Driver, by Martin Scorsese, which were re-edited to show the taxi driving in New York only by night. The introduction’s sound incorporates the original soundtrack and is mixed with the hum of an engine—indistinctly, either that of a car or a film projector. Next, a sequence shot from inside the vehicle shows the driver, Travis, talking with a presidential election candidate. The film’s original sound remains untouched, but on screen, I play Travis’ character by replacing his face with mine through a simple and noticeable visual effect.
The installation attempts to stimulate recollections of the memories of the film people may have. The impression of being embedded in the moving car as well as the motion picture, combined with the installation’s reenactment moves the viewer along through his memory. The viewer re-experiences that memory in a space between acts and fictions.


PAL, color, 2'47

Chairs, video-projector, sound system

Fifth year diploma show,
ESBAMA, Montpellier, France

Solo exhibition,
Creative space, Prague, Czech Republic