factory drifter
video / 2006

A character inspired by Western movies, the man from nowhere, emerges from the landscape and walks toward the camera. He is going to the ghost town where he will fight in an ultimate confrontation.
Factory Drifter was given a cinematographic look, and its character’s movement was dictated by the artificial temporality of editing. These two elements help to reshape the character’s social relationship to his real familiar environment. The fictional layer sheds a new light on the way the only character—my father, a worker—interacts with his surroundings—the factory where he has been working for decades.
Midway through, the video switches to a documentarian point of view: a long steady shot of my father at work. The film’s temporality is slowly replaced by real time; the framed space opens up to the real space and its depth; the artificially designed sound vanishes, which lets us hear only direct sound; but the character continues the same action. This produces a hybrid piece where nothing was really written, nor simply witnessed, where components of fiction and reality experiment one another.

Master's Degree Exhibition - 2006
ESBAMA, Montpellier, France

Câlins du Matin - 2006 (Group Show)
ESBAMA, Montpellier, France

3èmes Rencontres Autour du Film
et de la Vidéo - 2006
Nîmes, France

Solo Exhibition - 2007
Bořivojova 49, Prague, Czech republic

Multiplace Festival - 2008
Trnava, Slovakia

PAL, color, 6'34