installation / 2004

Three portraits of three of the owners of the biggest media companies in the world, holders of an informational complex (content, broadcast, rights, etc.) of which we are largely dependent to remain informed. These monochromatic and ironic portraits play with the legitimacy and the durability of the current system of production and propagation of images, made by more and more anonymous people.
Each painting of this triptych is shown at more than four meters high, perched on an easel with extended legs, lit up separately and aligned in a way that forces the viewer to parade, chin up, at the foot of this monument that merely looks like a Calvary. The first obvious impression of power and inaccessibility of these pictures is questioned when the viewer comes closer to each piece and then can judge of the poor and ephemeral way the easels are fasten, that gives a feeling of fragility to the all installation, which suddenly looks ready to be torn down by the first kick.

Acrylic on canvas (135 x 92cm) x 3, easels, wood

Third Year Degree Exhibition,
ESBAMA, Montpellier, France

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